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Volume 1  Issue 2

Review Article

The Paradigm of Fingerprint Age Determination

Josep De Alcaraz-Fossoul* Ph.D, Carme Barrot Feixat*Ph.D, Katherine A. Roberts Ph.D

Forensic sciences have gained wide public awareness in recent years owing to television programs and films that depict the exciting and high-tech glamour of technology available to practitioners in identifying and prosecuting criminals. The core of this discipline, however, is still the gathering and analysis of fingerprints, which remain the basic tool for identification of suspects at crime scenes. What is not widely known – and a fact that has far-reaching implications for forensic professionals, law enforcement, courts of law, and justice systems worldwide – is that no reliable method presently exists for determining the age of a latent fingerprint. That is, while fingerprints can be identified and associated with suspects potentially guilty perpetrators are released and innocent victims unnecessarily implicated because investigators lack a robust method of assessing the time the trace was deposited at a scene.


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Case Report

Fatal Thigh Compartment Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Tie-Ling Zhao, Ye Xue, Xiao-Hui Tan, Dong-Fang Qiao, Xiao-Li Xie*,Qi Wang*

Compartment syndrome of the thigh is a rare surgical emergency, which is commonly caused by blunt trauma. It is a condition where pressure within an osseofascial compartment of the thigh rises, leading to cellular anoxia, muscle ischemia, and death. The diagnosis of compartment syndromes of the thigh is usually clinical. Since the thigh compartments are larger than those of the forearm and calf, it can accommodate a large volume prior to the manifestation of pathological changes. Compartment syndrome of the thigh has been mostly reported by clinicians.


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